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Livingood Daily Challenge

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The Livingood Daily Challenge is designed to optimize your health. It's an accountability program specifically engineered to help you tap into your body's natural healing ability so you can experience real, natural health! In the process it helps you eliminate heart conditions, boost energy, and potentially eliminate medications that may be causing you harmful side effects.
Too many people in this country are led to believe that fad diets and 'magic bullet' medications (both prescription and over the counter) lead to health. This is a huge mistake that can limit your potential and handcuff the real power of your body's internal healing.
Instead, the RHX Challenge empowers you to work though simple changes with eating and exercise so you can thrive as your best self.
It’s built on Dr. Livingood’s framework for long-term success. That’s a huge improvement over the quick-fix, band-aid approaches that have failed… and even made many people feel worse. The best part is that even though it is not a quick fix, the program is so simple that ANYONE can do it, regardless of their situation. In fact, Dr. Livingood's exercise routines can be done in only 10 minutes per day!
This framework includes everything you need: the best foods, the best workouts and the best relaxation and healthy living activities for you.
And it’s fully customizable so as you change month-to-month and year-to-year, the program changes with you. That’s crucially important to long-term success as you’ll see below…