The Live 2022 Heart Health Masterclass Has Ended

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Heart Health Masterclass

You can access replays here after each day of the Heart Health Masterclass starting March 15th after the Live session is over.

Heart Health: Day 1 Replay (full video below)

Specific topics:

Blood Pressure


BC4 Method

Heart Health: Day 2 Replay

Heart Health: Day 3 Replay

Heart Health: Bonus Day Replay

Heart Health: Welcome Video


Replays will be available through Sunday, March 20.

Downloadable Heart Health Guides

Heart Health Recovery Guide

What heart type are you? Take the quiz to find out! Learn the four different heart types and the steps needed to correct them.

Blood Pressure Guide

Learn the primary causes of high blood pressure and seven all-natural remedies to lower it.

Cholesterol Guide

Learn the five key numbers when it comes to Cholesterol, how to naturally lower it, and the dangers of medications.

Heart Health Guided Notes

Follow along with Dr. Livingood and take notes during the Heart Health Masterclass (Please save the PDF to your desktop to use the fillable text areas. Not fillable on mobile devices).

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Heart Health 2022 Agenda

Heart Health Day 1

Tuesday - March 15th

Starts at 12PM EST (NOON)

  • The truth about pandemic caused heart and blood clot issues


  • You get my 5 fast fixes for Heart Health…


  • The 9 main causes of high blood pressure and one good solution for each!


  • The easiest way to determine the true cause of blood pressure spikes.


  • Why most people (including a lot of doctors!) get it completely wrong when it comes
    to measuring blood pressure... which leads to misdiagnosis. I’ll show you the correct way.


  • 6 natural remedies and blood pressure solutions that work.


Heart Health Day 2

Wednesday - March 16th

Starts at 12PM EST (NOON)

  • Why Cholesterol is actually VITAL for healthy NO levels and good heart health!

  • The single best salt (Yes, I did say SALT!) you need to eat plenty of for great heart health.

  • How to uncover your own cholesterol risk. (And the shocking truth about statins the drug companies don’t want you to know!)

  • ​We all know cholesterol causes heart disease right? WRONG! I’ll show you the real cause of heart attacks based on undisclosed government data…

  • You’ll see the No.1 food you should eat for healthy cholesterol.

  • ​7 keys to eliminate inflammation so you can live without pain, like many of my patients.

  • A simple 30-second Morning Routine that heals toxic cells. PLUS! My miracle morning coffee formula that helps boost energy... ease aching joints... and sets you up for a great day, everyday!

Heart Health Day 3

Thursday - March 17th

Starts at 12PM EST (NOON)

  • The pandemic and virus detox protocol to heal from blood clots, myocarditis, inflammation, and more

  • You’ll learn the 4 heart health types and how to know which one you have, so you can heal in the fastest way possible.

  • The amazing healing secret of ‘Heart Rate Viability’ that allows you to restore health to your body using only your thoughts... and a simple breathing pattern. Fully backed by science!

  • 10 urgent warning signs of heart constriction and what to do about each one.

  • The easiest way to strengthen structural heart issues if you ever get short of breath.

  • The quickest way to fix the plumbing on a congested heart if your blood pressure numbers are too high.

  • What supplements can help with heart health. (Most supplements are garbage, there are only a handful I trust which I’ll share with you.)


Heart Health BONUS DAY

Friday - March 18th

Starts at 8:30AM EST

  • The heart health blueprint to bring it all together

  • The inflammation and toxin detox to recover your body post pandemic

  • The 4 heart types and your heart type plan

  • The biggest mistake heart health patients make and how to ensure you defeat it

  • Live Q and A

  • And more!


  • Giveaway winners announced!