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Weighing Success By The Belt!

Weighing Success By The Belt!
Escaped the 115 dry So. Utah heat to our happy little cabin. My husband sald, "I need to stop eating this junk food." My 16yo said, "We don't have a single piece of junk food in this place!" We laughed at that and talked about all the usual bad snacks and treats we would bring to the cabin while the kiddie pretended to cried (he secretly ilkes to eat healthy, but has to give us a hard time cause he's a teen).
THEN my husband showed me his tried and true cabin belt and said he needs to add another hole to it because It's loose. GUYS!! He hasn't lost many pounds. He weighs his success by his belt.
1-drilled this hole when he trained to hike Mt. Whitney 2019.
2-January 2023 started DLG lIfestyle.
3-1 month ago.
7 months in and we are loving this lifestyle!!
Weighing Success By The Belt!

Gail L.