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My Teeth Are Whiter!

My Teeth Are Whiter!
If you're new to the DL LIFESTYLE, you may not have adopted some of his dental hygiene protocols, but maybe you should...just sayin'! I switched to a holistic dentist this year, and recently had my first appointment with the hygienist. Immediately, she asked me how often I bleach my teeth. "NEVER" I tell her. She seemed skeptical. I explained:
1) switched to flouride free toothpaste
2) several times a week I do oil pulling with coconut oil
3) several times a week I use hydrogen peroxide with water as my
4) sometimes I dip my toothbrush into baking soda after I put the
toothpaste on
5) sometimes I use an organic tooth powder
6) of course, I floss daily
She looked dazed. She complimented me on my dental practices and said my teeth look like they're bleached.
There ya go...just another DL LIFESTYLE hack!
Thank you Dr Livingood!
My Teeth Are Whiter!

Debra J.