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My Husband Lost 80lbs, I Lost 65, All In 6 Months!

Hello all! I just wanted to introduce myself and my husband. We joined DLG in February of 2022. My husband lost 80 pounds in 6 months. I lost 65. We just got back from a vacation so we got off the bus for a little while. Getting back on track. I had to add in strengthen training to help with joint issues. My husband had pre diabetes, HBP, triglycerides we're off, and cholesterol was high. All normalized within a few months. His doctor said he was bulletin board material his last visit. My husband and I still have goals to reach like putting on more muscle. We've been consistently maintaining our weight with DL. Our favorite products are Chocolate Collegian, greens powder, and ENERGIZE! We've got an arsenal in the kitchen for just about anything DLG. It didn't happen all at once. We added one thing at a time. Baby steps right. The 1 percents add up quickly. Tips: When your watching videos make a list of the foods he mentions and add them to your grocery list. I read every master class, watched the videos, and asked questions by tagging #DLG or the coaches. When you do this questions go right to the #coaches. This is how we reached our goals. We did cheat sometimes. Everyone has cravings. It did make us feel bad so we didn't do it often and we're picky about it. For instance our fast food had to have broccoli or vegetables. We ate a dessert from DLG and Jessica's Make Foods Simple book. I doubled or tripled the recipe so I wasn't cooking all the time. We have a family of 5. Two of our boys are grown and we have a 5 year old James. We just became grandparents to a sweet precious baby girl named Charleigh. Praying for all of us on this journey. Never give up. Never give in. You got this with Gods help! Just keep adding up those 1 percents daily. Before you know it you'll be where you want to be. The ball is in your court go for it!