My Husband Isn't Just Supporting Me, He's On Board!!

"I'm the Lifestyle member in my family. My husband has been growing in his support of me, while at the same time needing to make some changes of his own.

Last week he was on vacation, but came down with the flu. I shared in this group how we watched the DLG "Immune Class." We had our own week long health summit in our living room with lots of great conversation!

You may have seen my post on him holding up his last Navy uniform and him aiming to wear it to our son's Graduation from Navy bootcamp in January.

Well, hubby had some blood drawn earlier this week for some lab tests. His A1C went from 6.2 to 5.8

He's eating the food l'm making at home, he's even helping cook good foods, and he's taking the food I prepare for him to take to work. (Also improving at not eating the junk at work in the nurses break room.) He even joined me in the end of Crew #38 fasting and he went further than me in length of time! (1 did 40 hours, he went into day 4!)

My husband isn't just supporting me; he's on board!! Don't give up on your Sally or Barry! Just live by example. They are paying attention more than you realize. Some may come on board, but some may not. Just keep doing what you know is good and right!"