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I'm Never Looking Back

I'm Never Looking Back I'm Never Looking Back
I'm so glad those days are over forever thanks to DLG and the crews. I
received and continue to receive an education on health and in return
was able to turn my life around. 205+ pounds at the start, in horrible
shape, broken and unable to move much. Fibro, arthritis, hip
replacement, every joint causing pain, shoulder surgeryx2, high
cholesterol, acid reflux and allergies. Hydrocodone, gabapentin,
Ibuprofen, allergy meds and cholesterol meds. 135 to 140 now a size
4/6. Bad health all a thing of the past. Labs came back good. Thank
you God. Thank you DLG, Mrs LG, Coaches, and crews all 27 of them.
Lifer now. I'm never looking back. If your new this is the best decision
you will ever make for you.
I'm Never Looking Back

Brenda V.