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I'm Off All Medications!

I'm Off All Medications!

Been in the Crews and working hard since Crew #37 (Oct.2022). Recent labs from last week came in. Actually, I already checked the lab's portal last week, and printed them out and read them. Thanks to my husband who is an RN and all that I've learned from DLG, I already understand them.

But, the medical assistant from the office called today to verbally went over them.

Here's how it went:
"Your labs look good, except your A1C is elevated at 5.8 and is considered prediabetic. Limit your carbs. Your total cholesterol looks good, but your LDL is elevated. Limit your fried foods." That was it!

I prefaced in this post that I have been in the Crew since #37. I'm at my one year mark of being here. I actually have been making healthy changes even before that. I'm not eating fried foods and haven't for a very long time! I have cut my carbs and sugars!!! My kitchen is not what it used to be!

The medical care system is broken. That's all they had to offer me?!!

People, the doctors office is not where we get healthy!!!!
I am living the Livingood Lifestyle and have negotiated and earned my way off of four lifestyle management prescriptions because of my changes!!! I've done the regular challenges, the advanced challenge, and the Metabolism Reset! I have
met goals, but I still have more progress to make! I am chugging along! Perseverance! I haven't had junk foods in a year and a half or more! If that medical assistance could see how I live, she would learn something for her own self!

I know that my labs have improved and that I am making progress!

As of today, I am 169 days off of the last prescribed medication! I'm managing my blood sugar off of all medications!!! I'm on several DLG products and Berberine. I'm drinking ACV/Lemon water and doing all the things he teaches!

I know the LDL is up because I am detoxifying my body with all these positive changes! The dump truck is taking out the garbage!!! I'm not freaked out about a few high points. Thankfully they didn't push to put me in any prescriptions! I would say a firm "No thank you. Just monitor me. Watch and see what happens
as I continue to make my lifestyle changes!"

I've learned how to stand firm at my medical providers office and be an advocate for myself! I'm not gullible any longer. My eyes are wide open to the broken system and it's failure to really help people! I'm feeling good about the progress I've made! I am not discouraged over the results. It means I have more work to do.

This is not a diet! This is not a program!

This is My Lifestyle the rest of my life!! Choo-Choo chugging along keeping at it!

I'm Off All Medications!

Elizabeth J.