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I'm Down 100 Lbs

I'm Down 100 Lbs I'm Down 100 Lbs
I was severely overweight and just surviving when I joined the crew. I didn't keep track, but I want to say somewhere around Crew 37. I needed a walker and a cane, help with personal cares, cooking etc. and I wasn't driving. My life was doctor appointments and recliners. Since joining the challenges I'm down 100 lbs and am now taking 3 regular meds and 5 as needed down from 23 different prescriptions!! I no longer need personal care assistance, I do my own laundry and cooking and am driving again. I went from surviving to starting to thrive. I have a whole list of medical issues including heart failure, Afib, fatty liver, arthritis and stage three
kidney disease. I've had two total hip replacements. I now, no longer have kidney disease and my other issues have improved. If you are thinking you can't do it or it won't last ... you can and it can. Do I need to keep focused… YES. Would it be easy to backslide … YES. Is it worth it to keep learning and living... YES, YES, YES!!! My husband has lost 65 Ibs and is off his insulin. Improved health is spreading.Here are a few pics that show where I was with inflammation and weight and where I am now. It's crazy these are the same glasses on my face in both pictures. Thank you #DLG #Coach Jessica Livingood and all of you in the crews. You're a BLESSING!
I'm Down 100 Lbs

Dawn R.