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I Am On A Journey To Real Health

I Am On A Journey To Real Health I Am On A Journey To Real Health
First photo is from June 2021 (before DLG). I started in Crew 32, approximately 6 months ago. The second picture was last week
on a vacation in Maui. I have released 22 pounds so far. But let me tell you what I've gained/learned. It is more evident to me that MINDSET is your make it or break it point. This is truly a LIFESTYLE not a program. I am on a journey to real health. I am blessed that God lead me to #DLG.  While on vacation, I was able to allow myself grace. I had my DLG Coffee every morning and also had my Energyze and Greens. Yes I had vacation meals. I planned on that and I feel absolutely good with my decision about it. No shame, no guilt. That is growth!! I am still learning and I am enjoying the journey. For the newbies out there just starting out, be KIND to yourself and follow DLG's advice, 1% at a time. 1% is all you need to focus on. Learn to love yourself. Little by little, every day you will find your way. Be Blessed and Let's Do This!!
I Am On A Journey To Real Health

Lorie P.