Rehab Wobble Disc

Rehab Wobble Disc

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An inflatable wobble disc, also known as a stability cushion or exercise disc, is a simple, round inflatable device used to strengthen core stability and improve balance. A wobble disc is strong enough to sit and stand on with the benefits of an unstable surface. Use it as an easy way to warm up and stretch your spine throughout the day.  

Sitting on a wobble disc makes the simple act of sitting an active experience that targets and strengthens your core muscles, decreases back pain, and improves your posture.

  • Encourages and develops core strength and stability
  • Improves energy levels
  • Reduces back instability, fatigue, and pain
  • Improves balance

How To Use Your Rehab Wobble Disc:

  1. Place your Wobble Disc on a firm surface chair and use for stability exercises while seating.
  2. Do the exercises for spinal motion (normally side to side, front to back, rotation - being sure to arch and curve your spine)
  3. While remaining in control, try to feel your spine going through the entire range of motion.
  4. Remember this is an exercise, so it is normal to feel your muscles working.
  5. Perform the exercises 2 times per day, or as instructed by your doctor (in most cases, these exercises can be performed more often).
  6. May be inflated or deflated by using a sport ball needle (not included). This can increase or decrease the range of motion.

If at any time you experience unusual pain or discomfort, please stop all exercises and contact your doctor immediately.