Rehab Wedges - Hips and Low Back

Rehab Wedges - Hips and Low Back

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Pelvic rotation can cause subluxation and misalignment in the lumbar spine. The Rehab Wedges set is designed to encourage easy and convenient home spinal care by gently guiding your spine back into a correct and healthy position. 

Pelvic and lumbar wedges improve the overall health of your back and spine by enhancing the natural curvature of the spine. They maximize pelvic tilt and extension of the lower back, reducing pressure on discs, joints and supportive muscles. These wedges can also be used as a preventative tool to unload back stress caused by sitting and other daily activities.

  • Increases the stability of the spine
  • Relaxes the supportive soft tissues of the spine
  • Improves posture by correcting pelvis position
  • Eases back pain

How To Use Your Rehab Wedges:

  1. Use the wedges on your bed or the floor.
  2. Place the appropriate wedge in the appropriate position 
    (small portion of the wedge tucked slightly under buttocks to create an arch in the lumbar area.  Or, if one hip is bad put the wedges at a diagonal.  One small portion of a wedge above the hip bone pointing toward the opposite wedge which is slightly under a buttock cheek - both pointing toward each other)
  3. Use the wedges for periods of 20 minutes at least once per day.
  4. You can also use the wedges throughout day for periods of 10 to 20 minutes. This is especially beneficial after exercise or activity.
  5. The wedges can be used in conjunction with sleeping aids like the Rehab Rolls.

If at any time you experience unusual pain or discomfort, please stop all exercises and contact your doctor immediately.