GI Repair


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GI Repair™ offers comprehensive support for optimum gastrointestinal health and function.The lining of the gut must have proper permeability and integrity so it can not only absorb nutrients but also prevent toxins, allergens, and microbes from gaining access to the bloodstream. Maintaining gut health is the key to maintaining overall wellness. 

Includes powerful ingredients like L-Glutamine & MSM 

GI Repair™, which is sweetened with organic stevia, can be mixed into any beverage or functional food powder and can be used as part of a health program for supporting optimal GI health and regularity. 

Made with non-GMO ingredients. No shellfish or xylitol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take GI Support?

We recommend once daily with a meal.

How quickly can I start seeing results?

We recommend that you pair our GI Support with an anti-inflammatory diet for best results and take for at least 2 months to see if this supplement is a good addition to your daily routine.