Livingood Daily leads people to be their own solution—to get to the cause instead of treat the symptom. We are a movement full of millions of people experiencing real health. We take life-changing information, apply it through challenges and coaching, and create new habits for a Livingood Daily Lifestyle. The support, community, resources, and supplements make living good convenient and achievable for all. Together, we are the solution.

When we take responsibility for being the problem that created our health situation then we can finally decide to also be the solution. We just need a delta. A change. The universal symbol for change is the Triangle. And the three sides of the triangle make up the Livingood Daily Lifestyle…


Your life matters to your family, career, and purpose, and we CARE about that. You matter to us. Not in a cheesy “nice tagline” kind of way but in a virtual hug, fix your problem, and give you real answers from real people kind of way. All the solutions and support we create originate from what we ourselves, our families, and our children do to succeed.

Each day our community engages with us through live shows, books, blogs, masterclasses, and through our large Facebook groups and Members Area. Walking a journey with other like-minded people that can support you, help you, cry with you, and motivate you to keep going is essential to achieving a Livingood Daily Lifestyle.


People perish for lack of knowledge, not information. We live in the information age. Knowledge is the application of information. We challenge ourselves every 30 days to make progress on our health. If we lose health, every other area of our life suffers, so there should not be a season that we do not focus on it.

One percent progress each day for 30 days leads to a 30% improvement in that area of health. Coaching, live support, community, and ongoing challenges provide the accountability.


The more convenient your health habits are, the easier it is to turn it into a lifestyle. We don’t believe in dieting and programs. Programs and diets are short term and have end dates. We believe in lifetime habits and our resources support those.

We believe in making food and nutrients simple. Then, we can supplement to fill in the gaps. That’s why we follow eating guidelines that work for all healthy eating preferences with basic ingredients. We believe in following the science to combine nutrients in the right form to create our supplements. We only source the highest quality ingredients in the safest forms, and we combine them so you get more out of one dose and save money.


100 million Americans take a prescription drug each month.

70% of US adults and 25% of US children take a drug each day.

Seven out of ten Americans die of largely preventable chronic diseases.

Five out of six Americans get heart disease or cancer during their lifetime.

Our life expectancy as a country is 53rd in the world. You could live in 52 other countries and live a longer, happier, healthier life.

You are the solution.

There is a gap in the triangle for a reason. No one can do this for you. No one is coming for you. No one will take better care of you than you. Your health is your responsibility. You have to do it.