Immune You: Welcome

Immune You: Day 1 Replay

Immune You: Secret Session

Immune You: Day 2 Replay

Immune You: Day 3 Replay

Immune You: Bonus Day Replay

Immune You: Welcome


Immune You: Day 1 Replay

Immune You: Secret Session

Immune You: Day 2 Replay

Immune You: Day 3 Replay

Immune You: Bonus Day Replay

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Downloadable Immune Health Guides

Year-Round Immune Support

Learn what you should be focusing on each month to build and maintain a healthy immune system.

Virus Guide

Learn what supplements to take to before, during, and after you have a cold or virus.

Immune Boosting Foods

Identify the top 7 foods that you should eat to bolster your immune system and the 6 foods you should avoid.

Immune You Guided Notes

Here are Dr. Livingood's notes on the class so you can follow along.

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Immune You 2022 Agenda

Immune You Day 1

Tuesday - January 25th

Starts at 12PM EST (NOON)

  • The truth about immune health.

  • Whether you take synthetic steps or not, learn the four things every person needs to know to achieve immune health.

  • What is your real risk and where do you go from there?

  • What to do before, during, and after a virus.

  • Why Vitamin D is crucial to immune health and what to look for in a supplement.

  • The four steps to take for supercharging immune defense.


Immune You Day 2

Wednesday - January 26th

Starts at 12PM EST (NOON)

  • The best and worst immune-boosting foods and beating the "pandemic 15" weight gain.

  • Discover the nutrition myths of immune health and the most toxic food mistakes.

  • Immune-boosting food lies revealed.

  • What food is worse than carbohydrates for your weight and immune health, and how to avoid it.

  • Gluten, gut issues, and the autoimmune eating plan.

  • The "Sick 6" toxic foods to avoid.

  • The blueprint to restore your immune health.

Immune You Day 3

Thursday - January 27th

Starts at 12PM EST (NOON)

  • Find out which supplements and herbs MUST be in every "wellness cabinet" so you can ditch the toxic medicine cabinet.

  • Learn the 6-step Advanced Gut Reset protocol that saved my dad's life after a virus, injections, and drugs.

  • The secret weapon against pandemic weight gain and detoxification.

  • The blueprints for detox, recovery, and long-term immune health.


Immune You BONUS DAY

Friday - January 28th

Starts at 8:30AM EST

  • Steps to bring it all together, simplify, and personalize your journey to an Immune You.

  • Learn the express step-by-step blueprint to detox and repair your system for immediate results and long-term protection.

  • The synthetic approach to the pandemic and why building health is the real key.

  • The must-do's regardless if you've had "IT" or not.

  • The resetting detox steps to clear your gut, liver, kidneys, and immune system.

  • Giveaway winners announced!

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