A Letter From Dr. Livingood:

I have a big announcement for you but first a little back story...

When my dad got sick 12 years ago my family was desperate for answers. It was a long & hard road of wading through drugs, surgeries, fads, toxic supplements, and expensive tests.

After watching my dad suffer and learning lessons the hard, expensive way, I vowed to be the solution to a broken health care system and a broken fad diet and supplement industry.

After 10 years of clinical experience, self trial, and extensive research I am proud to launch Livingood Daily. A movement designed to give you the resources, community, and lifestyle to experience real health. The lifestyle is accomplished through our challenges and books. The community through our social platforms. The resources for this movement are supplements.

In today's age of depleting nutrients in the soil, supplementation is not a recommendation but a requirement for real health. The challenge with this is that the supplement industry is a free-for-all and if a company doesn't have high integrity and a relentless commitment to real, quality ingredients then these helpful tools end up being not so helpful or even harmful.

Livingood Daily has committed to being different. To be open to knowledge, to study the facts, and reach for the best we can provide for you and our own family.

With that said, we will be rolling out an entirely new and improved complete line of supplements over the next 9 months. From daily essentials to condition-specific supporters we want you to have the tools your body needs to live good!

Our goal is to access the highest quality ingredients to make supplements that accomplish multiple goals and combine multiple supplements into one for convenience. (Keep reading for our New Arrival!)

We started with what I believe to be the most complete, yet still tasty, greens powder on the planet. With 54 different nutrients, a full dose of probiotics, a full dose of digestive enzymes, and newly added cholesterol aid, Beta Glucan and the superfood of superfoods Moringa.

Livingood Daily Greens is the cornerstone supplement of Livingood Daily. Any time we can get multiple supplements in one to save money and make them easier to use we do it!


Introducing the Brand New Livingood Daily Collagen Protein! With 19g of collagen and 17g of protein in each serving, this protein aids your gut, skin, hair, and nails with a clean source of protein that is 3rd party tested to have no hormones, no antibiotics, and sourced from grass-fed cows...and that's just the beginning. This dairy-free daily health powder comes with a multivitamin too. That's right, it is loaded with B vitamins, Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc and more!

Get your multi and your protein all in one! If that wasn't enough, Livingood Daily Collagen has 2 powerful herbs; milk thistle to combat fatty liver disease and help you reduce inflammation as well as konjac root that supports healthy blood sugar, insulin, and weight loss.

Something this nutrient-rich also needs to taste good so we made it super tasty with the help of the antioxidant and natural sweetener monk fruit. Unlike stevia, monk fruit causes no digestive distress and has properties to support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. Breakfast just got way healthier without sacrificing the taste!

This took 9 months to create and I am so honored to now share what my family and team will be using to stay healthy with you and your family.

More exciting arrivals will be in soon. Use these products with confidence and go be the solution to your health.

Live good!
- Dr. Livingood