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One Baby Step Is All You Have To Do!

One Baby Step Is All You Have To Do!

Hello, I'm Nancy and something to know about me is: the beginning of my Livingood Lifestyle started December 2022 two months before my husband of 54 years passed away.... One baby step is all you have to do.

I started out slowly... Best thing I ever did for myself was watching DLG's videos and purchasing his two books. I did not join Livingood Daily and crews for 3 months. But I did do the following: I purchased one supplement- DLG ACV. I made a list of things I felt I could do. My first month's list started with this "I will do":

1) no processed foods

2) 99% sugar free

3) 90% eat organic

4) 99% salt free

5) only clean oils

6) eat 1/4C raw almonds after every meal

7) DLG ACV supplement before each meal

8) dance to my favorite music for 10 minutes or more a day

This list transformed my life! I repeated it for three months prior to joining a crew and lost my first 15 pounds by the end of those 3 months. Joining that first crew #47, was the second best thing I did for me. I continued DLG Lifestyle crews 48, 49 and lost another 15lbs (30lbs total). I have come off prescription drugs for acid reflux, cholesterol, gabapentin and Tylenol usage. I have participated in each Crew since #47. Today, I still hold my 30lb weight loss, eat clean, use DLG supplements, and other DLG products. As I enter Crew53, I need to regroup myself for last month I had health issues that pulled me off my path. I may not be able to do challenges but there is so much more I can get and give to Crew53. Thank you all and let's do this!

One Baby Step Is All You Have To Do!

Nancy G.