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My DR Said, "Keep Following Dr Livingood!"

My DR Said,
So, I am down 40 lbs. Yesterday I had my first blood test since beginning DLG crew 35 on September 1st. My blood work is looking good! I had just pulled out of a terrible illness, so my Dr said things were maybe slightly elevated from that. But my blood sugar is down, my thyroid is doing great. My good HDL and LDL still
need a bit of work. Good is down, bad is up, but all improved. I have never been on statins. My DR said, keep following Dr Livingood and that she was going to look into his information even more. But she knew a bit. She's so excited for my improvements. . I ordered more DLG supplements today, but I am already improving with my Dr and Dr Livingood. My Dr said no need for another check up for 6 months and I am no longer borderline pre-diabetic! Thank you!
My DR Said,

Pam NG.