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I Was Hopeless And Seeking Answers

I Was Hopeless And Seeking Answers

Before I joined DLG in crew 8..I was hopeless and seeking answers of why my health was declining so I could begin working on turning it around. I had decided I wanted to live and not die. The doctors never found out what was wrong because God answered my prayers through my best friend adding me to the lifestyle as her accountability partner.

I was able to lose 40 pounds in 3 challenges and experience life as my most healthiest self. But then life happened and fear subsided and I soon found myself back into some old habits.

Fast forward to crew 35, I was able to lose 5 pounds and workout 17 of the 21 days and commit to my health even in the midst of transition ing schools, stated and housing. I'm most proud of my transformation this challenge because it wasn't led with fear but a desire to truly live good like we should. More than weight loss, I have confidence that didn't exist before DLG!! I know the value of me and I have had the opportunity to travel the US and speak at many events..something I only dreamed about before becoming a part of this community!!

I know believe in supplements, eating healthy and know the benefits of organic eats. I know how to read food labels and most importantly I love all of me. I don't know where I would be without this community and I'm so glad I never have to find out.

You may have not done well this challenge, no worries new one starts again on Monday and you get as many day 1s as you need. So let's go so we can grow into the best version of

I Was Hopeless And Seeking Answers

Nikki P