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I Can Finally Live Life!

I Can Finally Live Life! I Can Finally Live Life!
I have been in this Lifestyle since crew 14. I was very unhealthy for a long time. For about 10 years I didn't do much of anything. I stayed in bed all the time. I only did what I
absolutely had to do. I felt so sick and full of pain throughout my entire body, I had to quit working and I was just watching life pass me by. I finally decided, NO MORE. I want to live life! So, I have been on this health journey for both my physical and mental health. I have worked very hard on both. My blood sugars have been great! My last A1C was 5.3, I have lost about 60 pounds and I have been able to walk without
the use of a wheelchair. I am now a lot more active.
I am so happy about how far l've come. I can finally live life! I can now spend time with my husband and my boys, and not just stay in the house Thank you Dr. Livingood, nurse Jessica and staff. You have helped me build health and take my
life back! have learned so much from you! All it takes is 1% improvement a day.
I Can Finally Live Life!

Tina H.