Inside Livingood Daily Crew 51

Inside Livingood Daily Crew 51

What's New 


  • The 4-Week Weight-Loss Accelerator starts January 1st! It is a full 28-day Livingood Daily Challenge that has been enhanced with 4 in-depth trainings on how to uncover the 4 hidden causes of weight gain so you can melt away belly-fat and shed unwanted weight. Dr. Livingood will be going live every Friday in January at 8:30am EST to do these live trainings. The trainings will cover the following topics:


- Week 1: Weight-Loss 

- Week 2: Stress/Mental Health

- Week 3: Toxins

- Week 4: Bonus Training


    • The Weight Loss Accelerator is a free bonus to Crew 52 for all Lifestyle Members and available to anyone who grabs the offer to join the challenge for $1. If you are already a lifestyle member, you already get access to the Weight Loss Accelerator, no need to sign up.
    • If you joined this current challenge, Crew 51, for $1 the offer to sign up for a $1 is a one time offer. If you'd like to join the next challenge, you can upgrade to join our Lifestyle HERE Plus you'll get access to our member's area, which gives you access to:  


    -Ongoing Challenge Access

    -Condition Specific Trainings

    -Anytime access to the entire collection of 10-Minute Workouts

    -Anytime access to recipes, meal plans, health guides, and exclusive Masterclasses


    • If you have friends or family who want to join the Weight Loss Accelerator, you can send them this link HERE and they can join the next challenge for just $1.


    • Just a reminder, there is an extra week between Crew 51 and Crew 52. All workouts and content the week of December 25th will be posted in Crew 51.



    What You May Have Missed


    • You'll notice a name change of the Livingood Daily Oregano Oil + Monolaurin to the new and improved Livingood Daily Immune Support - The perfect addition to your arsenal for immune defense. We lightened the oregano so it can be used every day without irritation and still have the same mega dose of Monolaurin.


    • We also added full doses of L-Lysine and Quercetin. They both play significant roles in aiding in the production of the body’s defense system which is essential for supporting a healthy immune system.


    • This product went from 2 in 1 to 4 in 1 at no additional cost! 


    Members Area

    • Our new foam rolling routine has been added to the Members Area! This routine is great for those who own a foam roller and have never actually used it or for those who are looking for a deeper non-pull type of stretch! Check it out under the rehab section. 



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