Bad cholesterol

Dangerous cholesterol is coming from carbohydrates (sugar) and not from fat. Learn the facts and how to deal with it!

1. Insulin Resistance & Plaque - SUGAR

Plaque is inflammation that's irritating the insides of your arteries and carbohydrates are causing this problem. Insulin resistance is driving up the amount of inflammation inside of your body and sugar/carbs are like gasoline for the inflammation fire. Too much SUGAR is causing damage inside the blood vessels -not fat, not cholesterol. We see this clearly with diabetics having so much kidney failure, numbness & tingling and even loss of eyesight because too much sugar is destroying those blood vessels.


What exactly is cholesterol? Inflammation damages everything in the body, so the body has to send something to start healing that damage. Enter cholesterol! Cholesterol is made of fat - yes, the body actually sends FAT to do the healing! So cholesterol is not the problem, the oxidation of cholesterol is. What does that mean? Too much sugar is oxidizing the cholesterol your body lays down in the blood vessels to heal, and adds to the fire. Insulin resistance is the driving culprit of inflammation, so if you have a cholesterol problem, you need to get insulin under control. If you eat too much of it, your body becomes resistant and stops responding to it, causing more weight gain and inflammation

2. Crank Up Good Fats - Omegas

Omega-6s: come from the junky rancid oils, such as canola, vegetable & soybean oil. Omega-3s: come from healthy fats, such as fatty fishes, flaxseeds oil and borage oil. The gap between those is inflammation. The Standard American Diet ("SAD") is at a 20:1 ratio of bad to good omegas (it should be at 2:1)! So, the less junky omega 6s you get in your body and the more healthy omega 3s you get in will lower that ratio and shorten that gap (resulting in less inflammation).

Some examples of "good" fats:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Avocados
  • Walnuts
  • Fatty Fish

3. Decrease Toxins

Toxins are also a big driver of inflammation - specifically when our liver cannot function properly. When carbohydrates and all that sugar hits the liver, it turns directly into triglycerides - which drives up your blood pressure & cholesterol levels. Toxins are going to be oxidizing and causing oxidative stress, which causes damage and creates inflammation. Eating lots of greens will help you decrease the toxin load and optimize the liver to flush that oxidative stress out of the system. If your insulin resistance is too high, as previously mentioned, it will form diabetes and more damage inside the blood vessels.

Sum up

It's not the cholesterol that's causing all the damage to blood vessels, but the inflammation caused by bad standard American diets that are too high in bad fats and tons of sugar. We've been living on low-fat, high-carb diets for the last 40 years and heart disease has skyrocketed! It' time to reverse that, and eat healthy fats - cut sugar - and eat greens to experience real health.