The little, non-toxic pill that can lower your blood pressure, increase your HDL (good cholesterol) and support overall heart health! We're talking OMEGAS.

Inflammation Killer

  • The secret killer - Inflammation is causing a lot of blockages and build-up in the system and damaging the blood vessels.
  • Bridge the gap- Some inflammation is good for you and serves a purpose because it's the body's way of reacting to something harmful to heal itself, but constant inflammation is not healthy. Keep a good ratio of inflammation inside our body by getting omegas in to lower that amount of overall inflammation and narrow that gap.
  • Heart-healthy- Proper omega 3 dosing has been shown to thin the blood, slightly lower blood pressure and support HDL, which is the healthy cholesterol. Great for heart health!

Source Quality

  • NO GMO - Stay away from synthetically-made fish oil supplements. These are produced by splitting apart the atoms of the omegas and taking just the "good" parts to try & optimize the amount of omega-3 that's inside that little capsule. That's not how nature intended it, so if you start genetically modifying the makeup of an organism and you ingest it, it will genetically modify YOU!
  • Protection & Location - The fish oil must be protected against going rancid, so the processing of it is very important as well as WHERE the fish are coming from. If they are farm-raised, fed pellets and housed in a cage, they're not going to be healthy fish. You're going to want fish oil from naturally occurring ocean or sea sources.


  • Omega 3 closes that inflammation gap the fastest. If you get high enough amounts of omega-3 in your system, it's more effective than an NSAID (aspirin, Motrin or ibuprofen) at decreasing pain because it thins out the blood.
  • Omega 6 is another essential oil, but be careful of the toxic ones you find in fried food, bread, crackers, and grains. A healthy source for Omega 6 can be found in borage oil.
  • Omega 7 & 9 can be found in macadamia nut oil, which is very stable and high quality. It will help you get a well-rounded package of all the omegas that your body needs.

Get everything you need in our naturally sourced, heart-healthy Omegas!